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Are You Antisocial? 6 Traits and More…

Are You Antisocial?

Are you Antisocial?  Good guy, bad guy cartoon image.
Spot bad guys from the good guys with this technology

If you think you are antisocial then you most certainly are not! Only people that can never admit they are antisocial are antisocial. They don’t wear black hats any more. Are you Antisocial? Wish it was more easy to spot the bad guys? Well, help is here! There are 12 very exact traits you can learn to spot who they are, But to be fair you have to compare the bad guy or anti-social guy with the social guy.

Is Life a Roller Coaster?

Antisocial creates ups and downs for people.  Roller-coaster cartoon picture.
Life is a roller-coaster when connected to an Antisocial

Is your life going up and down like a roller coaster? One day you are doing good and then you loose all you gain. It is like you take 5 steps forward, but fall back 3. For example, one day you get a raise, but the next day your place gets robbed. In that case, you are most likely associated with an Antisocial or Suppressive person. If you are having ups and downs in life you need to learn this technology, click the link, You need to be able to live your life as a steady gain, rising smoothly. Instead of one minute doing good and the next minute in the gutter.

One Bad Apple Spoils the Group

1 bad apple spoils the group. Image of 6 green apples, 1 labeled bad.

You have heard it only takes “one bad apple to spoil the group.” This is really true. The amount of antisocial people are only 20% and social people are 80%. That is one in 5 people are antisocial. You probably have one in your family, if your family 5 or more. To protect yourself and others learn how to identify the antisocial person, click here,

Traits of the Antisocial

These are in my words, how to spot an Antisocial or Suppressive person. Call them by either name, they are the same thing. Here is the exact reference and full description of the 12 characteristics of an antisocial person: They do not need all 12 traits, just a majority of traits to be considered antisocial.

  1. In the Suppressive persons words and speech you will hear in continuous use generalities. They generalize a lot, they are not specific, for example in their conversation they will say, “They are always like…” or “Everyone thinks…” big generalities are used to give out bad news.
  2. Any conversation with them is mainly hearing about something critical or bad news, giving out the worst details of something is their mode of operation. Invalidation is their favorite pastime. Good luck trying to get a nice word or complement from them.
  3. They make any relayed message worse. If someone gives them any good news that is not passed on, but bad news or made up bad news is forwarded to people.
  4. The antisocial person does not change! They do not get better. Antisocial can pretend to act better and when you are not looking they will continue their antisocial behavior. These are the people that do not change! No amount of therapy or rehabilitation will reform them.
  5. Friends and family of the antisocial are beaten down, failing, not succeeding in life. The people surrounding an antisocial are going up and down in life, they are constantly gaining then loosing what they gain.
  6. A cause of something can be located, but they will continually select the wrong source or target. If the cat broke the vase they will target the dog instead.

There are 6 more traits an antisocial person could have, get them here, Learn all 12 traits and be able to see who is out to do you in and who is not.

Fear is the Reason

The Suppressive person acts like he does because he is terrified of others. He or she is trying to fight people off. If you will look closely at their actions the reason they don’t like people is because they are afraid of them and just want to be left alone. They are fighting demons and danger long gone, but they still imagine that it is there in present time with them. That is why they are psychotic, they do not see things like the rest of the social people. But they hide their insanity well, because they can never be wrong or made wrong. They have no room for introspection or reflection of themselves or their behavior. It is all just calculated, cleaver, hidden ways to bring people down.

Antisocial People Never Change!

Antisocial people never change!  white Good guy vs. black bad guy cartoon
Good Social guys change. Bad Antisocial people never change.

One thing people need to know is the Antisocial is born like that, they don’t learn the behavior or get it from genetics. They do not get it from their parents, family or environment. They just come like that, they are born with that kind of mentality and behavior. There is no changing them. They will not respond to treatment or reform. The Antisocial may pretend to change, but will go right back to doing what they always do when you are not paying attention. Social people look at these Anti social people and say all the time, “oh they are changing, they are acting better.” No, no matter what the Antisocial person does or says they will go back to their same behavior of tearing the world down. They will act a little better, behave nice only to fool you into trusting them again. Then when you give them another chance, wham! They will do some other maneuver to make you fail again.

You should learn and understand people to be able to tell the difference in who is social and who is not,

The Big Picture

For the most part the Antisocial creates chaos. Everything around them is going in all directions, things break or people have accidents. Re-stimulation of awful incidents or subjects is also a method they use to make you upset, feel bad and do bad. They are all about making invalidating little comments in their conversation. In addition, they hate the subject of help and helping. Pushing you into dangerous areas or situations is another tactic they use to get you into trouble. Furthermore, they are constantly committing little crimes that violate social morals.

Office room chaos is caused by an Antisocial.  Cartoon of chaos in office.
Learn to spot who is creating all the chaos

Why would you waste you time and energy trying to rationalize with a person that is not really there? You can not reason with the Supressive person. Just because a person can walk around and talk and look like a human does not mean they are sane and are like the rest of the social people on this planet. Antisocial people are psychotic, insane, they are stuck in the past. Antisocial people do a good job of fooling you to make you think they are functioning normally. They are fighting imaginary demons in the present. They are stuck someplace in the past. Everyone around them is just someone to fight and try and destroy. So why would you waste your energy trying to rationalize with them? Just walk away from them. Concentrate on doing better than them. Use your energy not to fight them, but to do better than them.


Some Never See it

vector image of guy holding up the word "good' on one side of him and the word "bad" on the other side of him.
Can you confront evil and see who is Suppressive?

It takes actual confront, guts, courage, mental horse power and stamina to actually spot a Suppressive person. Some people will never be able to recognize them because they can not face evil. They do not really want to face or look at the truth or the bad things they do. They would rather avoid it and look away and not see the destruction they create.

You should learn and understand the different types of people to protect yourself. You have to be able to judge correctly and not think everyone is antisocial. Keep in mind only 20% of people are Suppressive. It is really black and white, easy to tell who is social and who is not once you learn the technology about people. Learn to tell who is social and who is not, here,

In Conclusion

The best thing that can be done is ignore the Antisocial, avoid them and continue to flourish and prosper. Leave them alone, go in the other direction. If you have to interact with them then use a way of speaking with them that is called “Good Roads, Good Weather.” That means speak to them about mild subjects that everyone can agree upon, subjects like good roads and good weather. Learn more about it click here. Again I warn and advise you to not try and change these people. If you want to waste your time, energy and possibly get yourself into trouble go ahead and try, but you will never succeed. Do better than them and they will shrink, crawl away and disappear from your life. Succeed and out shine them, no war is needed, that is the only way.

Do you have Suppressive person horror stories? What is your experience with Antisocial people? What are you going to do about the Antisocial now that you know this information?

Do better than the Antisocial and win!  Person walking away saying, don't fight let Karma do the rest.

Karma in simple words “is getting what you give.” (Protect yourself from bad stuff by not going by words you do not understand.)
Watch and Learn. Antisocial people explained!
Is the Soul in Control? joyous kids jumping in sunset

Is Your Soul in Control? 20 Proven Reasons…

Body, Mind, Soul in Control?

Yes, the soul is in control.  Image of woman standing with electricity encircling her.  With words by L. Ron Hubbard.

Brace yourself, this may be a very different point of view than most. Is your soul in control of your body? That means are, you, the spirit in charge of your body and life? You may think that your body just does things for no reason. Truth is, you are a spirit that lives forever and you happen to have a body. Another way to put it is you have a body and mind and you the spirit are controlling it all. You the spirit are in control of your body and your life. You the the one pushing the body around, http:// Thus I’m sharing with you the research I discovered, In addition, I have come up with, from my own observation reasons why your body does certain things.

Warning, Personal Integrity in Use

Silhouette of man pulling another man up a cliff.  Words are definition of integrity.
Integrity is here

I’m not claiming to be a doctor or anything, no need to get all frantic and panic on me. I’m documenting what I have observed from my own life. Personal Integrity is what I’m using and sharing that with you here, I have technology that I have learned, I will reference it and share it here. Is your soul in control of your life? I’m here to aid you in this discovery. Helping others is my motivation in life. It is my gauge on what to share and not to share. I have personally witnessed far too many people recover and get better from educating themselves on this technology, to not share it.

Sickness, is Your Soul in Control of this?

  • Sickness and having accidents- this is a big one, why do you get sick or have accidents? I don’t subscribe to the “germ theory” that the reason you get sick is because of germs. Germs are every where and why don’t other people get the same contagious sickness like the person being treated has. People like doctors, nurses and different family members do not all get sick. So how do you explain why some get sick and others stay healthy? Nope, it is not genetics. It is because there are spiritual reasons why you precipitate or have an illness suddenly happen to you. Yes, germs are real. I am not saying, nothing in this world is real and it is all in your head. Yes, your soul is in control and there is a reason you pulled in this accident or illness. I have the reference and explanation here of the real reason people get sick. Why their life is like a roller coaster, up and down, doing good one minute and bad the next. Here is the absolute best technology for prevention of all disasters, diseases, mishaps and upheavals in your life,

Battling fatigue

Why do we zone out, feel faded, fall asleep and jerk awake when feel ourselves start to fall over while in class or studying or reading in school or at the office:

  • Tiredness while reading- there can be a number of reasons why we get tired. This one reason I’m presenting here is not my discovery, but a breakthrough discovery from L. Ron Hubbard. The solution to not fall asleep while studying is called Study technology, it is the most insightful and helpful technology to know. The reason why we fall asleep when we are studying or in class, at work, reading, or listening to lectures is, because we have gone by a word we don’t know! Yes, the soul is in control. That can be why we fall asleep in class, at the office, reading, etc… This new technology of study, to look up words you don’t know, is so helpful. My parents and I paid for thousands and thousands of dollars for my college education. I learned more from what is presented here, for free! Than in all my years of college. This Study technology was the most valuable thing I learned in my life. You can learn anything and do any job with ease, if you learn to spot and look up the words you do not know. You can learn, stay awake and get more smart with this technology referenced here, http://

List of Why Your Body Does Certain Things

The soul is in control.  Looking up at sky through pink tree.  Words from L. Ron Hubbard.
The soul is in control

You can let me know if any of these manifestations take place for you. There could be other reasons why your body is doing stuff, but here is what I’ve worked out so far. Your soul is in control and this is what you, the spirit, are causing your body to do. Most of these symptoms, except for the last one is derived from my observation…

  • Nose itches- you have thought about something more you want to do
  • Head scratching or itching- you have thought about something you don’t know about or understand.
  • Farting- you have thought about something that is crappy or shitty and the idea stinks.
  • Burping- you want to say something to someone, but they are not there. This is when you burp out of the blue, not when you have consumed a carbonated drink.
  • Sneezing- is you unconsciously spitting at someone or something you don’t like. You have had some thought about something and you disagree with that person or object.
  • Nose running- you are thinking that you actually want to do something else or other than what you are doing and it is making your nose run.
  • Hick-ups- is when you thought of something you want to say, but decided you don’t want to tell or say to the person what you wanted to say. Sometimes you can make them go away by looking back at the exact same thought you had prior to manifesting these hick-ups or bodily functions. Find that same exact thought, view it again, and then the symptom ceases to be created.
  • Picking your nose- why is it sometimes you just automatically find your self picking your nose then realize, why am I picking my nose? Picking your nose is an automatic response to, the thought, I don’t know what I’m going to do next.
  • Coughing or Clearing Throat- You have the desire to talk to someone.
  • Tooth decay or cavities- you have a potty mouth, foul mouth and this is reflected and manifested physically.
  • Sores in your mouth- what you are saying about someone or something is too acidic sardonic, caustic and mean.
  • Stomach hurting- under the umbrella of the above link on Study Technology you will find that your stomach can start hurting if you lack the mass or picture of the thing in which you are talking or studying about.
  • Headaches- there can be numerous reasons you get headaches, but one of them can be that you also are lacking the picture or substance of the thing or idea you are dealing with. This explanation also come from the Study Technology data.
  • Can’t see well- one reason for this comes about from doing too many harmful acts. You have committed so many transgressions and you are shutting yourself, your vision down. You want to hold yourself back and lower your reach in seeing things. This comes from Ethics technology, here,
  • Itchy feet- means you are yearning to do more and go to more places, do something else.
  • twitching eye lid- you want to confront something and don’t want to see it at the same time. You are going back and forth, want to look at the thing or situation, don’t want to look at it.

Other Manifestations

  • If you have a fly or gnat buzzing in your face then you might have had the thought, I shouldn’t be in this spot or location, I should be doing something else. The fly or gnat can manifest and buzz around your face and make you want to move out of the area.
  • If you have a spider you see scaring you, then the thought, this is a dangerous place could have crossed your mind and manifested as a spider making you get out of the area.

Tips to the Good Life

Yes, the soul is in control.  Image of Fairy with words, "All the happiness you ever find lies in you." L. Ron Hubbard.

Understand all words communicated to you and understand all the words that you hear around you. You can keep yourself out of harms way when this is practiced. When you don’t know words it gets you into trouble. You can find yourself getting angry, nattering and you don’t know why or committing harmful acts. When you understand all the words there is no break in your understanding of your environment. If you want to be on solid ground then know and understand all the words in your environment. It comes from this technology,

In Conclusion

For further control of your life, I highly recommend visiting this site, This is my opinion, my truth, I give it to the world to move it forward in a positive direction. Yes, your soul is in control. I credit my statements with references of where I got my data. I hope you leverage this knowledge to your advantage and drive your life in the direction you want it to go. The boldness and confidence I have to state my beliefs is from years of self improvement technology that you can obtain also through the links I share. My creation is only to move this world and culture forward. Do you agree, that we as a culture have moved beyond fate or destiny? Is it about time that we say, “I’m in control of my body, my future and I want a better life!”

sillouette of woman in a field.  With words "You are a Spirit, You have a body, You can be free."
Share. Be free. Write your comment for me…

kitten loves you. Why people don't like you- the real reason

Why People Don’t Like You- for Real!

It is Not Your Fault

So you want to know why people don’t like you? Surprise! It has nothing to do with you! It has as everything to do with what the person has done to you! This means, people make agreements or follow social rules and then they break them and don’t say anything about it. Then they stay away from you, because they don’t want to hurt you again. Typical example: Brother and sister get along well. One day brother steals sisters allowance and doesn’t tell her. Later he is hating her, critical of everything she does and generally doesn’t like her. But this is because he is saving her from his bad act and pulling away from her, to not hurt her again. People are social and they want to keep you safe from the harmful acts they do, so they go away from the people they hurt!

People are Good and Social

The real reason people don't like you.  Man is basically good and saves himself from you by going away. Man helping another mad up a cliff.
Man is basically good. He will save people from himself, if he has harmed someone.

A discovery by L. Ron Hubbard was that people are basically good. What that means is people want to save you from the bad things they have done, so they go away from you, then they make up reasons why they don’t like you. You have done nothing, it is them moving away from you because of the harmful act they have committed.

Time and time again people talk endlessly about how could the person they loved leave them? Searching for any little thing they might have done that may have made the other person go away. Fact is, the person walking away has done something bad that the person sitting there trying to figure it all out doesn’t know. People are good and they withhold themselves from others because they don’t want to hurt others. Watch this video that perfectly explains it,

The Big Secret

Instead of being vague I will give you an example: I was in a deep discussion with a friend. He sat there telling me, “I just don’t have any energy lately, I just feel down, my spirits are not high. I don’t feel motivated. My wife and I are not happy together any more. I feel like going back to my old habit of escaping and doing drugs.”

Up to this point, His life was going great, he had a beautiful baby boy and a loving, dutiful wife, his career was going up and up. So what was happening to him, what was causing him to feel so rotten?

After quite a bit of searching, discussion and talking to him trying to figure it out. I came across a huge discovery! He had been cheating with this other woman and was keeping it a secret from everyone, of course, especially from his wife. Take a look at what that act of out ethics or transgression did to his life…

silhouette of alone man on a bed looking out a window.

The Downward Spiral

The transgression or moral rule breaking doesn’t just affect his relationship with his wife. Rule breaking, out ethics or moral code transgressions are like a wildfire burning up and touching all areas of your life. ( I interject this here, good morals to live by and good choices to make,

From the moment he stepped outside the agreement of his marriage vows, broke his vow to his wife, his world turned grey. All his energy and forward drive in life left him. The secret, the bad act he did was like putting on an invisible straight jacket. He just started to withhold himself and hold himself back from all areas and people in his life. Social people have a built in mechanism to protect people from their bad acts, they are afraid of hurting them again, so they leave. My friend was even thinking of reverting back to drugs to stop himself, lower his power and reach even more.

Then when you withhold yourself you start a downward spiral. You just don’t influence things like you did before. You become a big vacuum or suction inwards, pulling back into yourself, a withdrawal from life. Zero moving forward. You are not handling things, not looking at that area or person you damaged, because you feel bad, instead you are pulling back and your world starts to cave in.

Feel Bad but You Don’t Know Why?

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever felt low and you don’t know why? I’m going to share with you how to dig yourself out of a hole. How to get your spirits lifted again so you feel bright and energetic and ready to take on the world. There are actual exact steps you take to dig yourself out of the caved-in crumbling world that is falling all around you. That is what technology is, exact steps you take to do anything. This is technology located in L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology Ethics that gets you relieved of your transgressions.

In Conclusion

Why go beating yourself up saying, “what did I do to make that person not like me?” It is them! Not you. Live your life in confidence. Live your life happy. You did nothing wrong.

Help the people that are going away from you if you can, if they will listen to you or even get close to you, but help them by giving them this technology, You or others do not have to be burdened by the things you have done wrong in your past. Get rid of onerous burdens with step by step actions to erase the guilt and heaviness you feel. I have tons more technology to address and uplift any area of your life. Have you witnessed people pulling away from life and loved ones? Tell me have you ever experienced that feeling of hopeless, depression or lowness in life? Have you ever felt like that and you didn’t know why? Let me know.

Happy people in convertible Volkswagen in the sunset.  Words,
Who to trust, Bulldog trusted his owner, now the dog is in child swing

Who to Trust? Read for Success…

Do you Trust Backstabbers?

Careful about who you trust, guy smiles in friends face, same time has knife to friends back.

When you know who to choose as a friend, partner or mate your life can be a lot easier. Learning about types of personalities is key to your success in life. Your friends can make or break you. Learn who to trust!

In this brief essay I will let you know where to go to get the knowledge you need to choose the best kind of friends and associates. There is a FREE online class you can take to learn about the full range of personality types, .

The Different Emotional Levels

I’m not here to teach you all the different personality types, and there are several. By all means, you can judge for yourself and find out what level you exist on here, http://

Emoji emotional levels: happy, mad, sad, fear
Which one are you?

Instead I’m here to guide you to the information that will save you from loosing all your money on that big business deal by trusting the wrong guy or gal. Also, I’m here to save you from heartache and misery by directing and guiding you to get the technology that will save your sanity in picking the right partner.

Surprise surprise, human behavior can be predicted! With the advancement of science so came with it the ability to codify the various levels of personality. Mr. L Ron Hubbard has given us the means to understand the different tones or emotional levels of people.

Yes, people experience different emotions all through their day, but there is for the most part one chronic level they exist on in life.

Should You Trust the Fake or Covert Hostility Person?

I would say the most dangerous emotional level to trust would be the covert hostility or fake person.

Specifically, I will give you examples so you will understand what I’m talking about…

green business suit man smiles in the face of yellow business suit man. In the shadow reflects the hidden evil intention of the fake, green suit man.
Careful of the hidden, shadow actions of the Covert Hostility person

Everyone loves to talk about the Backstabbing person. Notably, The Fake person, The person that smiles to your face and stabs you in the back when your not looking. Likewise, you can call it passive-aggressive or whatever you like, but you have probably seen them and experienced them in your life. For instance, the slimy guy or girl that gives you a backhanded comment at every turn. They really exist! The official category or emotional level of this person is called Covert Hostility or just Covert.

Similarly, The fake happy, covert people may appear like this for example: the clothes they wear don’t fit well, their clothes are old and worn out, dirty with stains on them or holes in them. Also, their body is unhealthy especially with neurological and hormone problems. They have very loose floppy joints and muscles, they might have strong odors coming from them. Their material possessions like their car, clothes, computer, phone, house, place where they live are: worn out, run down, falling apart, not working, missing parts, shabby, mismatched, not put together nicely. Things they posses are dirty, not cared for, in bad condition and repair.

Furthermore, take a look at what they talk about: all they want to talk about is gossip, negative comments, rumors, alarming news, bad news, the latest scandal. Their words sound sweet then leave a bitter after taste. You think about what they just said and realize that was not a complement or nice statement. They mostly exist in fear, eye contact is minimal, they are always nervously looking around. They do not have much ethics, meaning they are sneaky and do things that do not follow the rules of society and hope they don’t get caught.

Who Should You Trust?

On the other hand, if you start trusting this type of fake or Covert person then it is just about as equal to taking a gun and shooting yourself. Because their whole motive is to do you in, but in a manner so you will never suspect it. You can trust these people if you don’t much care about your life or living or want to kill yourself. These Covert Hostility people are fake happy, not really happy.

What is the solution?

Go with Happy

Trust the true happy people.  Group of all ethnic backgrounds happy people.

Your best bet is to go with happy… Trust a happy person every time. Trust a person in the emotional level of Contented, Mild Interest, Conservatism, Strong Interest, Cheerfulness and you will not go wrong.

How can you tell if people are truly happy? Best indicator I like to look at is how do they look in all different physical ways.

To illustrate, happy people are well dressed, look nice and take care of themselves, these are the ones to trust! People at the happy level are neat and orderly, their breath does not stink, they don’t have strong body odor, they are well groomed. They look put together, professional, they are up-standing citizens judging by their actions. Chiefly their muscles and joints are toned, strong and can hold a certain position, they are not weak, floppy or sagging at that level. Their material possessions are in pretty good condition, they take care of their car, house or clothes. Things are fairly clean and organized and in good repair.

They will talk to you about ordinary things, day to day things. Some happy people can be very interested in things and supportive of your goals and dreams, they are great. Genuine happy people can keep a conversation at a good, positive level. For the most part, they follow the morals of society the best they can. The people surrounding them, their friends are usually pretty happy and have good morale. If you want to learn more about how to be happy go here,

In Conclusion

In addition, the fake happy, covert hostility person is an emotional level I know well. I used to be at that level. To be sure, I got rid of misery, hate, loathing and many other negative emotions with a scientific technology called Dianetics. Furthermore, I wanted to take everyone down with me at that covert level, until I discovered the one thing that reversed it all. That was the technology in the book, Dianetics. Now I am happy. You can trust happy, positive people to be, for the most part, supportive of you and not hurt you.

There are many many other emotional levels a person can exist at. I just covered the most flagrant or dangerous to trust.

Who have you trusted and it all turned into a big mess? And most importantly, what will you do differently this time? Are you ready to avoid people who want to tear you down and make you fail in life? Do not hesitate to fully inform yourself with the technology I have provided you.

Watch Who to Trust. People’s personalities explained.
How to resolve conflicts happy friends

How to Resolve Conflicts

The Conflict

Bomb made a hole in the ceiling.
Bomb made a hole in the ceiling

A hole in the ceiling, sun spraying in on the cement debris splattered all over the tile floor, a huge shell from a weapon that can decimate targets from miles away, impaled on a coffee table right next to a cell phone. In other words, that was just another day of survival in Yemen. My friend sent me the picture. He told me, the bomb interrupted his workout in the gym he was using. In speaking about this, I said, yes, I have solutions on how to resolve conflicts.

I thought, “that’s it! I have to do something!!!” Saying something is imperative. I will do what I can to stop the fighting. Living in insulated, comfy, cozy USA you can get complacent and not notice the horrors going on in the world. Hearing that incident from my friend, it was just too close to me. Furthermore, He gives me tales of how in Yemen, his city is torn apart, one side fighting another. It used to take a half an hour for him to get across town. Now it takes 5 hours on perilous and steep one way mountain roads to go around and get to the other side. Actually, I do have solutions on how to resolve conflicts.

How to Resolve the Conflicts

There is technology I know about on how to stop fighting. Why am I keeping it to myself??? I will share it. The datum “it takes two to make a fight” has been with us since the beginning of time. We all have been told that, yet it does nothing to make things better or make the fighting stop. L. Ron Hubbard made a discovery: WHILE IT IS COMMONLY BELIEVED TO TAKE TWO TO MAKE A FIGHT, A THIRD PARTY MUST EXIST AND MUST DEVELOP IT FOR ACTUAL CONFLICT TO OCCUR. What does that mean? To clarify, make sure you have the definition of third party 1. a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially in a dispute.

Granted, real life examples abound. Look into your past and see if you can relate to these situations. Further, to resolve conflicts, will you be able to spot the third person that was creating the fight?

The Third Party Law is How to Resolve Conflicts

how to resolve conflicts, two brothers fighting with Mom who started the conflict.
Mom who is the person behind the two boys fighting

To illustrate, two grown brothers Ed and Sam, who should have loved each other well, instead hated each other. I witnessed their acrimonious animosity while growing up, between my dad and his brother. They barely tolerated each other and in the secret of their own homes plotted and planed on how they could tear each other down. Who was the third party making them constant enemies? Their mother! Going between both sons in secret and at different times in their early years growing up. Telling the older son, Ed, that he is better than the younger son, Sam. Then she would tell the younger son Sam that he isn’t good enough, doesn’t measure up to his brother Ed. Also she was feeding Sam a steady stream of falsehoods, saying how Ed doesn’t like him. Pitting the two against each other, possibly unknowingly or maybe not.

Truly, such a shame, all those frosty and barely civil holidays could have been so different. They could have been happy. This is long gone, ancient history. Lives and energy wasted on doing each other in. In fact, they just didn’t know how to resolve conflicts or the third party law. It was their Mom, packing hurtful messages between them, making them enemies.

Families in Factions

wife and husband fighting, finding secret person in the background is how to resolve conflicts.
The hidden third party mother-in-law caused the divorce

In particular, How many families, husbands and wives, sibling, relatives can you think of that are torn apart by that secret, hidden person, the third party. The person who goes between the two people and makes them enemies to each other. When in actual fact families should support and love one another, be in good relationships with each other. That secret hidden person packs stories between the two mates and drives them apart.

For instance, the classic mother-in-law scenario, the instigator of split marriages. She goes to the daughter telling the daughter how bad the husband is. Then conveniently blabs, at a different time, while the daughter isn’t there, to the husband. The mother-in-law points out to her daughters husband about how her daughter doesn’t really think the husband is doing that great and that he should make more money. Also adding in for good measure that the wife, her daughter, is discontent with him and thinks she could have found a better guy. Arguments ensue, bitterness breaks them apart. Another marriage goes down the drain, thanks to the one who seems invisible, the one who no one noticed packing tails between the married couple.

Look Beyond the Enemies

I give you the solution of how to resolve conflicts, There is a third party or person that creates the fight between the two people. Do you believe it? It is too easy to brush it aside as fantastic and not believable. I implore you to gather all your mental stamina together to confront and carefully examine the two sides fighting. Investigate and find who is the common person that they are both talking to!

cartoon of two guys fighting.  Secret emoji between them is how to resolve the conflict
Find the hidden person secretly talking to both sides causing the conflict.

Harness Hatred, Direct it toward Good

Wars abound. Solutions need to abound as well. Here is the solution for how to resolve conflicts that will stop the fighting: A THIRD PARTY MUST BE PRESENT AND UNKNOWN IN EVERY QUARREL FOR A CONFLICT TO EXIST. In addition, click the link, the underline, do the free class to become an expert in resolving conflicts. Be brave and find the one person or third party that is going between the people and making them fight. The conflict recedes when the evidence is presented to the people who are fighting.

Middle East War Zone

two army men loading a missile rocket gun
Wars and fighting abound in lots of countries

I have Muslim friends in the Middle East. My question to them is always why do Muslim brothers fight their Muslim brothers? For instance, I have been told by friends, that in some countries, like in South Sudan, the fighting is like tribes fighting tribes. Even in Afghanistan I’m told by my friends that it is one group fighting another group. Brothers fighting brothers. Mind blowing astronomical wastes of energy attacking one another, when we could be putting all that effort into something like making the lives of people better, with more industry and prosperity! Also, same in Yemen, the fighting abounds. To say nothing of Syria which is a total war zone disaster. I talked to one guy in Syria who was so depressed and suicidal from all the fighting.

All I can say is the answer is here! FOR A QUARREL TO OCCUR, AN UNKNOWN THIRD PARTY MUST BE ACTIVE IN PRODUCING IT BETWEEN TWO POTENTIAL OPPONENTS. Click the link, bring peace to the world. In fact, chanting about peace is great, but now you can actually do something about it.

Who is Perfect?

Christian crusades anyone? How about kings of the past or Game of Thrones fighting? No one group or person is perfect and has never gotten in an argument. For this reason, now there is technology and tools to clear it up and live a more happy life. When you see a person or group tearing each other apart, you don’t have to sit there like a bump on log. To be sure, use these tools provided here to disarm mega watt hatred.

In conclusion

heart shaped paradise earth, peace to the world text.
Let’s bring real peace to the world, use the Third Party technology

We all chant, “Peace and Happiness to the world.” Who will really bring it? I dare you to apply this new discovery of the Third Party Law and see for yourself if it works. I’m no journalist, political junkie or war aficionado. I respect all religions and people. I’m just a concerned friend and citizen of the world taking a stand. I have answers and I’m going to share them. I contribute something of value. You can too! Investigate and assimilate the information laid out here and share it.

Explanation of How to Resolve Conflicts. Watch and Learn.

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