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Is the Soul in Control? joyous kids jumping in sunset

Is Your Soul in Control? 20 Proven Reasons…

Body, Mind, Soul in Control?

Yes, the soul is in control.  Image of woman standing with electricity encircling her.  With words by L. Ron Hubbard.

Brace yourself, this may be a very different point of view than most. Is your soul in control of your body? That means are, you, the spirit in charge of your body and life? You may think that your body just does things for no reason. Truth is, you are a spirit that lives forever and you happen to have a body. Another way to put it is you have a body and mind and you the spirit are controlling it all. You the spirit are in control of your body and your life. You the the one pushing the body around, http:// http://bit.ly/PartsofMan. Thus I’m sharing with you the research I discovered, http://bit.ly/GetInControlOfYourLife. In addition, I have come up with, from my own observation reasons why your body does certain things.

Warning, Personal Integrity in Use

Silhouette of man pulling another man up a cliff.  Words are definition of integrity.
Integrity is here

I’m not claiming to be a doctor or anything, no need to get all frantic and panic on me. I’m documenting what I have observed from my own life. Personal Integrity is what I’m using and sharing that with you here, http://bit.ly/PersonalIntegrityEssay. I have technology that I have learned, I will reference it and share it here. Is your soul in control of your life? I’m here to aid you in this discovery. Helping others is my motivation in life. It is my gauge on what to share and not to share. I have personally witnessed far too many people recover and get better from educating themselves on this technology, to not share it.

Sickness, is Your Soul in Control of this?

  • Sickness and having accidents- this is a big one, why do you get sick or have accidents? I don’t subscribe to the “germ theory” that the reason you get sick is because of germs. Germs are every where and why don’t other people get the same contagious sickness like the person being treated has. People like doctors, nurses and different family members do not all get sick. So how do you explain why some get sick and others stay healthy? Nope, it is not genetics. It is because there are spiritual reasons why you precipitate or have an illness suddenly happen to you. Yes, germs are real. I am not saying, nothing in this world is real and it is all in your head. Yes, your soul is in control and there is a reason you pulled in this accident or illness. I have the reference and explanation here of the real reason people get sick. Why their life is like a roller coaster, up and down, doing good one minute and bad the next. Here is the absolute best technology for prevention of all disasters, diseases, mishaps and upheavals in your life, http://bit.ly/CauseOfSuppression

Battling fatigue

Why do we zone out, feel faded, fall asleep and jerk awake when feel ourselves start to fall over while in class or studying or reading in school or at the office:

  • Tiredness while reading- there can be a number of reasons why we get tired. This one reason I’m presenting here is not my discovery, but a breakthrough discovery from L. Ron Hubbard. The solution to not fall asleep while studying is called Study technology, it is the most insightful and helpful technology to know. The reason why we fall asleep when we are studying or in class, at work, reading, or listening to lectures is, because we have gone by a word we don’t know! Yes, the soul is in control. That can be why we fall asleep in class, at the office, reading, etc… This new technology of study, to look up words you don’t know, is so helpful. My parents and I paid for thousands and thousands of dollars for my college education. I learned more from what is presented here, for free! Than in all my years of college. This Study technology was the most valuable thing I learned in my life. You can learn anything and do any job with ease, if you learn to spot and look up the words you do not know. You can learn, stay awake and get more smart with this technology referenced here, http:// http://bit.ly/EducationLearnGetSmart

List of Why Your Body Does Certain Things

The soul is in control.  Looking up at sky through pink tree.  Words from L. Ron Hubbard.
The soul is in control

You can let me know if any of these manifestations take place for you. There could be other reasons why your body is doing stuff, but here is what I’ve worked out so far. Your soul is in control and this is what you, the spirit, are causing your body to do. Most of these symptoms, except for the last one is derived from my observation…

  • Nose itches- you have thought about something more you want to do
  • Head scratching or itching- you have thought about something you don’t know about or understand.
  • Farting- you have thought about something that is crappy or shitty and the idea stinks.
  • Burping- you want to say something to someone, but they are not there. This is when you burp out of the blue, not when you have consumed a carbonated drink.
  • Sneezing- is you unconsciously spitting at someone or something you don’t like. You have had some thought about something and you disagree with that person or object.
  • Nose running- you are thinking that you actually want to do something else or other than what you are doing and it is making your nose run.
  • Hick-ups- is when you thought of something you want to say, but decided you don’t want to tell or say to the person what you wanted to say. Sometimes you can make them go away by looking back at the exact same thought you had prior to manifesting these hick-ups or bodily functions. Find that same exact thought, view it again, and then the symptom ceases to be created.
  • Picking your nose- why is it sometimes you just automatically find your self picking your nose then realize, why am I picking my nose? Picking your nose is an automatic response to, the thought, I don’t know what I’m going to do next.
  • Coughing or Clearing Throat- You have the desire to talk to someone.
  • Tooth decay or cavities- you have a potty mouth, foul mouth and this is reflected and manifested physically.
  • Sores in your mouth- what you are saying about someone or something is too acidic sardonic, caustic and mean.
  • Stomach hurting- under the umbrella of the above link on Study Technology you will find that your stomach can start hurting if you lack the mass or picture of the thing in which you are talking or studying about.
  • Headaches- there can be numerous reasons you get headaches, but one of them can be that you also are lacking the picture or substance of the thing or idea you are dealing with. This explanation also come from the Study Technology data.
  • Can’t see well- one reason for this comes about from doing too many harmful acts. You have committed so many transgressions and you are shutting yourself, your vision down. You want to hold yourself back and lower your reach in seeing things. This comes from Ethics technology, here, http://bit.ly/IntegrityAndHonesty
  • Itchy feet- means you are yearning to do more and go to more places, do something else.
  • twitching eye lid- you want to confront something and don’t want to see it at the same time. You are going back and forth, want to look at the thing or situation, don’t want to look at it.

Other Manifestations

  • If you have a fly or gnat buzzing in your face then you might have had the thought, I shouldn’t be in this spot or location, I should be doing something else. The fly or gnat can manifest and buzz around your face and make you want to move out of the area.
  • If you have a spider you see scaring you, then the thought, this is a dangerous place could have crossed your mind and manifested as a spider making you get out of the area.

Tips to the Good Life

Yes, the soul is in control.  Image of Fairy with words, "All the happiness you ever find lies in you." L. Ron Hubbard.

Understand all words communicated to you and understand all the words that you hear around you. You can keep yourself out of harms way when this is practiced. When you don’t know words it gets you into trouble. You can find yourself getting angry, nattering and you don’t know why or committing harmful acts. When you understand all the words there is no break in your understanding of your environment. If you want to be on solid ground then know and understand all the words in your environment. It comes from this technology, http://bit.ly/BestStudyTechnolog

In Conclusion

For further control of your life, I highly recommend visiting this site, http://bit.ly/GetInControlOfYourLife. This is my opinion, my truth, I give it to the world to move it forward in a positive direction. Yes, your soul is in control. I credit my statements with references of where I got my data. I hope you leverage this knowledge to your advantage and drive your life in the direction you want it to go. The boldness and confidence I have to state my beliefs is from years of self improvement technology that you can obtain also through the links I share. My creation is only to move this world and culture forward. Do you agree, that we as a culture have moved beyond fate or destiny? Is it about time that we say, “I’m in control of my body, my future and I want a better life!”

sillouette of woman in a field.  With words "You are a Spirit, You have a body, You can be free."
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