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21 Ways to Fight Communism! Bring Back American Values

Tired of seeing our cherished and beloved American values go down the drain? That is why we have to bring back basic common sense American values to fight Communism! Chris and Kelly Watkins present tools for you to bring back happiness, peace and American pride. Would you like to do that without fighting? Read on and find out how…

Our American Values are Under Attack, Fight Back!

As you might have noticed, American values are under attack. We are suffering from an erosion of our traditional values.  Consequently, we can bring back basic American values and fight Communism!   I’m here to give you the tools to counteract this lowering of values and standards.  I have a super tool that will bolster and uphold the American values we so cherishA common sense guide to better living.   Similarly, due to the constant erosion of values in our school systems, due to Critical Race Theory or CRT and in many of our social institutions, we need to counteract this. And act fast to spread our long cherished values that reinforce why it is people love and all want to come to this country.

I’m talking about the lawlessness, lack of morals, one set of rules for the people in power and one set of rules for the common man.   In contrast, honesty, integrity, loyalty pride, patriotism and respect for others is seemingly non existent.  We are bombarded by Hollywood, TV and media pushing all imaginable perversions and corrupt messages.   In fact, I’m sure you can think of many other examples where you see our society going down hill.  Where are our values?  Erosion has occurred, our values are under attack.

How to Win without Fighting

When we focus on Flourishing and Prospering, concentrate on doing better, out do what we just did, move our statistics up in life it drives the enemy crazy. We should direct our energies and attention on flourishing, meaning to develop rapidly and successfully, thrive. This drives the suppressive and oppressive element crazy!  All they want to do is smash us down, but when you expand, move forward, excel, do better and succeed, their little minds explode, they can’t handle it and we win! Use your creative ideas to push forward and rise above the negativity.   Win without fighting using these values of Flourish and Prosper.

Tools to Fight Back

Fight Communism! Get your bullets of standard moral values and start sending them out!  Get your FREE, 21 ways to fight Communism, a common sense moral guide: the Way to Happiness ebook.  You can get a free the Way to Happiness info kit as well to inform yourself and share with others: click link:  Let’s pick America up by the bootstraps and make this place great again.

We are infiltrated by socialistic and communistic values in our schools, movies and daily life.  What I have found is a common sense guide to better living, a small booklet that has brought millions all over the world peace, happiness and a better way of living. There are 21 precepts (general rules) which are a guide to happier living, read about it here: The Way to Happiness.

Ammo for Everyone Because It is Non Secular

Before you get worried that this is some sort of religious text that is going to conflict with what you or others believe in, let me reassure you this information or program is non secular and ready to be customized and integrated into any group, community, classroom, town hall meeting, school board meeting, rotary club, police department, city hall or wherever. One point that I think most of us can agree upon is thank goodness America has the value to worship any religion that person chooses.  Freedom of religion gives America the beacon of hope that so many respect and dream about.  I say any religion is better than no religion, because religion lifts us up and civilizes us as a society.  In addition, there is one key word and value that epitomizes what Americans do and that is, Respect! Respect of others religions and for their beliefs. The Way to Happiness is not a religious text, so it can be used in any classroom setting. It does teach respect. That is why I love this precept or general rule from the Way to Happiness:  Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others.

Teaching Our Youth Common Sense Values

Watching our future generation get smothered and slimed with this woke, leftist, communistic, socialistic ideology is heart

Making Good Choices booklet held up by young girl in Texas teaching the basic moral values in the book.
Teaching basic American values is easy anyone can get involved and teach them.

breaking. We can fight this insidious erosion of our children’s values with this great common sense, The Way to Happiness

program.  To teach young people these values it is best to have a simple version with words they understand so that you will keep their attention, because when you use words kids do not understand they will all of a sudden tune out and you loose their attention– ever heard of ADD? ADD stems using words that people do not understand. Yes you should look up words in a dictionary or on google that you don’t know, but people and kids are not taught that. They end up not knowing what you are talking about when you use words over their understanding level. In that regard, what is exciting is there is a kids version of the Way to Happiness called, How to Make Good Choices. It is much simpler to understand.  Down load your free How to Make Good Choices ebook here.  Incorporate it into your curriculum at local schools or while you home school.  This is non secular, not relating to any religion.  That is why it is so perfect it can be taught anywhere to anyone.  For instance, this is the perfect way to combat Critical Race Theory, CRT.

21 Ways to Fight Communism is The Way to Happiness program that increases your moral values and standards.  Presented by Chris and Kelly Watkins:

  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Be Temperate
  3. Don’t Be Promiscuous
  4. Love and Help Children
  5. Honor and Help Your Parents
  6. Set A Good Example
  7. Seek To Live With The Truth
  8. Do Not Murder
  9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal
  10. Support A Government Designed and Run For All The People
  11. Do Not Harm A Person Of Good Will
  12. Safeguard And Improve Your Environment
  13. Do Not Steal
  14. Be Worthy of Trust
  15. Fulfill Your Obligations
  16. Be Industrious
  17. Be Competent
  18. Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others
  19. Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You
  20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You
  21. Flourish And Prosper

Why are American Values Important

We are on solid ground with these 21 common sense precepts which are guide lines to living a happy, ethical life.  This booklet has no agenda to push, it just instills decent values that all humans should live by.  Who would not agree with, “Do not Steal” or “Be Worthy of Trust”?  These are just 2 examples of the values contained in this incredible booklet.  Also aligning with our American values is “Be Industrious

image of huge red rock coming out of flat plains with the words Be Industrious in the middle of the picture
“Be Industrious” is a key basic American value

and “Be Competent.”  You can see these values in the standard of products we make.  Travel to any other country and you will see the level of quality in all they make fluctuate greatly.  In America all we do has a certain level of quality the rest of the world seeks.

Family Values

Primarily this is what I want to push, this is the American value I want to validate:  great families and happy loving stable contributing couples with awesome children– the building blocks of our American society.

silhouette of family jumping for joy at the ocean sun in the background
the Family unit one of Americas basic values

Above all this has never gone out of fashion and it is only getting stronger.  By way of contrast, the agenda that the  Hollywood and main stream media is pushing is that same sex relationships are cool and everyone should just bow down, can’t say anything about it and we all have to accept it.  It is so tiresome.   I mean they have lobbyists in Hollywood making sure each creative project has enough gay representation in each project.  (I saw that in a video I was watching from  Hollywood insiders.)  Yes, what I say is controversial and that leads me to this next point…

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion

Admittedly, the value America enjoys the most is freedom of

image of USA with FREE SPEECH ZONE written on it in red white and blue
Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished values


What I like most about the Way to Happiness is that it teaches Respect.  Respect others beliefs.  Respect others religious beliefs.  This allows the amazing discourse of ideas without fighting!  Naturally respect of others beliefs is the answer, the key, the foundation for getting along with others.

Liberty and Freedom

image of all USA symbols: statue of liberty, bald eagle, American flag with words home of the FREE

Especially we cannot forget about liberty and freedom!  Virtues like these can not be forgotten.  Particularly these along with the American dream are all so sought after.  Values like these are a part America’s fabric.  Moreover, the rest of the world yearns to live like Americans and does just about anything to get here.   For instance, the average American citizen, including myself, takes for granted what we have given to us here.  It is not until recently since we have been threaten with our freedom of speech being censored and other communistic type morals pushed down our throats, that we have stood up and garnered, bolstered and held strong to all the great American values we so cherish.

On a Higher Level

"Ideas not Battles mark the forward progress of Mankind." L. Ron Hubbard

In general, America is a more high level society than other countries and we need to continue to be uptone and upbeat.  Everyone wants to come to the USA because we embody freedom and the American Dream.  In a stunning contrast, Communism is a social construct that is low level living and thinking.   The world is emerging into a more higher level, this book, the Way to Happiness accentuates and bolsters that and brings society stably onto a higher plain. 

The Great Awakening

We need to embrace the Great Awakening, a movement that brings the truth of how we were controlled by evil from the top down.   A spiritual war is going on between good and evil.  A lot of people are fighting to get the truth out.  The main stream media is not telling us the truth and the big tech companies are censoring our speech to keep the truth from coming out.  I recommend finding citizen reporters on Telegram and tons of other platforms, because we are the news now.  I share with you all the tech I have to fight this evil and keep America at a high level:

ocean and sunset with beautiful colors

We Need to Stick Together

Moreover, I also want to make clear it is not all people in society that are bad.  80 percent of people are good and 20% could be considered antisocial.    For most people evil is hard to confront.  At times it is hard to detect these antisocial people, no worries, click the link to see 12 specific antisocial traits:   The majority of people can agree on the principles presented in The Way to Happiness.  That is all we need because we are the majority, the evil ones are the minority.  We will over come when we all work together to promote better morals and values.

As a matter of fact we do not need to tear each other up or fight each other.  To emphasize, Americans need to stick together and not be divided, now more than ever.  It is cool again to love and be proud of your country and to have patriotism.

Good News!

Where is the backbone of core values we need to get America back to her glory?  Presenting you with exactly that, Chris and Kelly Watkins give you The Way to Happiness program which is the 21 core values needed to bring back basic American values.  Hence, it can be found all in one place, in one great package.   Get all the core values you need here:   Your survival is important to us, please take advantage of all we offer.  Feel free to comment below and connect with me, Kelly, on social media, let me know if this info helped you:

How are you going to make the world better and bring back basic American values?

mother and daughter fixing a turkey, words say "you are important to other people.  You are listened to.  You can influence others."  The Way to Happiness.

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Business woman looking through binoculars while climbing a ladder. Words say find work in challenging times.

How to Find Work in Challenging Times

This is How You Find Work in Challenging Times

Looking for work due to the pandemic? Not happy because there is no way to earn?  Need help to achieve your goals? Find Work in Challenging Times.   Use this time to succeed, get ahead and get skills for work and lifeChris and Kelly Watkins give you tools, technology and skills, free so you can have better opportunities and success for your life and future. You will be happy to hear we give you steps and methods to find work, happiness and connect you to your goals.

How to Get Job Security

Everyone wants security.  Knowledge is security.  Get security with education and life skills offered here for free!

“Insecurity is unknownness.  When one is insecure, he simply doesn’t know.  He is not sure.  Men who know are secure.  Men who don’t know believe in luck.  One is made insecure by not knowing whether or not he is going to be sacked (or fired.)  Thus he worries.  And so it is with all insecurity.


All security derives from knowledge.  

To obtain, hold and improve a job, one would have to know the exact, precision rules of life if one were to have a complete security.  It would not be enough to know fairly well one’s job.”   Problems of Work, by L. Ron Hubbard

Get skills, stability and security you are searching for, Get the book, Problems of Work

Get Skills Needed to Find Work in Challenging Times

Here is your FREE online business class, to get ahead in any type of job. Click the link to sign up, class starts when you sign up, this goes at your own pace, it is free and you get a certificate when you complete the class:

silhouette of business man running up stairs, climbing stairs that say success.  This is how you find work in challenging times.

The more knowledge you have the more control you have in work and life.  Create the life you have always dreamed of with the free education offered here. Get more knowledge and skills for life with, 19 FREE online life improvement classes. Comes in many different languages.  On many different subjects: money, marriage, relationships, work and many more.  Practical solutions to help you improve conditions in your life.  Available in a self paced, easy-to-use online format, supervised by trained professionals, classes only take a few hours to complete with a certificate awarded to you after completion of each class:

Real People, Real Results

“I benefited a lot from these online courses.”  -Charles Yor 

“The free classes are really working for me.  I’m really gaining from it.”   -Elly Betiese 

“Tools for the Work Place, was a very helpful course, with easy questions.  I love this”  -Gull Faraz 

“I am genuinely delighted to read this blog post, Best Tips for Obtaining Employment, which includes lots of helpful information, thanks for providing this information.” -Darrel

Interview of author, me, Kelly Watkins by Dave H.


Chris and Kelly Watkins in USA, bring a new idea to the world, 80% of people can change for the better, we give tools and technology for free so you can rise up. You can find Work in Challenging Times!  There are many tools here for every type of situation, save this blog, study it well, share it and visit it often.

lady raising up arms in victory.  Words say All the Happiness you will ever find lies in you.  L. Ron Hubbard

“Sometimes others seek to crush one down, to make nothing out of one’s hopes and dreams, one’s future and oneself…   If one flourishes and prospers, one certainly will wind up the victor.” 

Get your 21 step method to rise up in this world, called the Way to Happiness program:
The Way to Happiness, by L. Ron Hubbard You can also get a FREE Way to Happiness eBook:      

What do you most want to improve in your life? If you have questions or if this information helped you, connect and message me, Kelly, on Facebook at:

picture of Chris and Kelly Watkins with words, URL:


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How to Buy Silver, 5 Tips

How to Buy Silver and Gold

If you’re new to buying gold and silver, they come in many different types and sizes. First thing to know is that precious metals are sold in what’s called Troy ounces, which are slightly larger than a normal ounce. A normal ounce is about 28 grams and a Troy ounce is approximately 31 grams.

image of silver and gold coins and bars, how to buy silver and gold


Places to Buy Silver and Gold

My favorite places to buy silver and gold are:

  • in Florida
  • in Arizona
  • in California
  • in Idaho

Most places sell with no sales tax when it is over $1,500 dollars, due to IRS rules. Also some States have no Sales Tax.

NKY Gold and Silver, (NKY= Northern Kentucky) is a Facebook group that sells through live auctions and sells new coins with Facebook posts, as they come on the market. There is a good selection. You just pay for what you buy, plus a small shipping fee. There are several Facebook pages and groups you can find that sell silver and gold, type in Facebook search: live silver auction, buying silver, etc.

You can buy Silver as Graded Coins

image of graded coins from PCGS

examples of graded coins

For buying graded coins, there are several grading places. The best are PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.) Coins are put in a plastic slab and graded on a scale from 70 to 0. 70 being the best.

Silver and gold coins are backed by governments, they are made from a government mint. Various dates and rarity of coins also make them more valuable.

You can Buy Silver in Bullion

example of a Round in silver coins

example of a Round in silver coins

A Round looks like a coin, but is not backed by a government. It is made by mint or a small time silver smith. The difference between a Coin and a Round is that a coin has a government name on it like USA, Niue ( a small island country in South Pacific Ocean) or Mexico, etc. and a year when it was made.

A Bar is usually rectangular. Same as round in that it is made by a mint or small time silver smith. Some people like myself get small bullion pieces (.999 fine silver, called silver shot) and melt it into different shapes.

Sizes of Silver and Gold: 1 oz. is the most common, but also comes in sizes from around .5 gram to 1000oz. A 1000 oz. bar of silver weighs about 75 lbs.

Gold due to its value, is in smaller pieces. .5 grams to over a Kilo. A kilo of gold would cost about $57,600.

Buy Silver and Gold in Bulk

With all metals, when you buy in quantity, it is cheaper. A large amount like a 1000 oz, bar is easier to make than many small rounds for example. So if you can, buy large amounts. That being said, it could be harder to find a place that might have funds to buy a kilo gold bar if you needed money in a hurry, but selling 100 – 1oz coins could be sold in a few minutes. So my own policy when buying is to buy coins, backed by governments and in a larger amount, called a roll, usually 20-25 coins.

Buy Silver and Gold and get them delivered to you

All major online companies will buy back silver and gold: JM Bullion, SD bullion, Money Metals, etc. Just make sure when you ship them to get a tracking number. I usually don’t insure it as fees are quite high, but do what you think best, I have not lost a package with the post office. UPS and Fed-ex would probably be secure as well. They will ship to you with a tracking number also. Lastly, I personally have my Silver and Gold where I can get to them easily, not in an online sellers vault in another state.

The Author Wishes You Super Success

Chris Watkins, lives in Los Angeles, wishes you super success in silver and gold buying. This article is not meant to give any financial advice. But the way the economy is going silver and gold seem to give some security.  We give you all we can to lift you up in life,

Chris and Kelly Watkins are the PeaceCoin People. PeaceCoin is new! You get both crypto and actual physical silver. Peacecoin is a complete paradigm shift. The future is here and it’s Peacecoin. You Get: 2 physical silver coins, 1k Crypto coins gift and there is a free Crypto Academy. There is an aspect of PeaceCoin that allows you to have Independent Business Ownership of it. When you share PeaceCoin products and services with others this makes you eligible for referral commission. This means earn money to live on! A stream of income coming to you.

Chris and Kelly Watkins the PeacCoin people

Chris and Kelly Watkins the PeaceCoin people.


PeaceCoin people, chris and kelly Watkins in front of silver coin

Initial Coin Offering of PeaceCoin

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Accordingly, there are many positive layers to PeaceCoin, feel good about it in multiple ways!

PeaceCoin silver coin image

Initial coin offering of PeaceCoin, you get:

  • 2 physical silver coins
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Peace Coin will go up in value, fast!

I’m not an expert or professional crypto advisor, but what I do is tell people to take advantage of this monthly deal with the gifted PeaceCoins, along with it’s humanitarian purpose.  The MLM is good, but it is very secondary to me, why?  Because PeaceCoin will go up in value and in a short time, this precious opportunity to get that many crypto in your wallet will disappear, we will be lucky if we receive 50 coins (my own humble opinion.)  Because when it goes live, the amount of the PeaceCoin that they gift us with, will be based on the market value of PeaceCoin.

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peace symbol put on a mother board

How PeaceCoin Pushes Peace

Furthermore, when you sign up for PeaceCoin you are supporting the following:

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Experience Initial Coin Offering PeaceCoin                    50 second introduction     60 second clip,  how the coin brings peace

This is an Initial Coin Offer

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The Peace Coin People
Chris and Kelly Watkins

peacecoin people, Chris and Kelly Watkins in front of silver coin

P.S.  The world is waking up to a battle of good vs. evil.  Peace Coin forwards the good!


Lastly, there is no financial advice given here.  You are responsible for your own life, commitment and earnings.  Also, Get, FREE, 21 common sense steps to happiness, click here. 

Are you Antisocial? Cartoon Villain

Are You Antisocial? 6 Traits and More…

Are You Antisocial?

Are you Antisocial?  Good guy, bad guy cartoon image.
Spot bad guys from the good guys with this technology

If you think you are antisocial then you most certainly are not! Only people that can never admit they are antisocial are antisocial. They don’t wear black hats any more. Are you Antisocial? Wish it was more easy to spot the bad guys? Well, help is here! There are 12 very exact traits you can learn to spot who they are, But to be fair you have to compare the bad guy or anti-social guy with the social guy.

Is Life a Roller Coaster?

Antisocial creates ups and downs for people.  Roller-coaster cartoon picture.
Life is a roller-coaster when connected to an Antisocial

Is your life going up and down like a roller coaster? One day you are doing good and then you loose all you gain. It is like you take 5 steps forward, but fall back 3. For example, one day you get a raise, but the next day your place gets robbed. In that case, you are most likely associated with an Antisocial or Suppressive person. If you are having ups and downs in life you need to learn this technology, click the link, You need to be able to live your life as a steady gain, rising smoothly. Instead of one minute doing good and the next minute in the gutter.

One Bad Apple Spoils the Group

1 bad apple spoils the group. Image of 6 green apples, 1 labeled bad.

You have heard it only takes “one bad apple to spoil the group.” This is really true. The amount of antisocial people are only 20% and social people are 80%. That is one in 5 people are antisocial. You probably have one in your family, if your family 5 or more. To protect yourself and others learn how to identify the antisocial person, click here,

Traits of the Antisocial

These are in my words, how to spot an Antisocial or Suppressive person. Call them by either name, they are the same thing. Here is the exact reference and full description of the 12 characteristics of an antisocial person: They do not need all 12 traits, just a majority of traits to be considered antisocial.

  1. In the Suppressive persons words and speech you will hear in continuous use generalities. They generalize a lot, they are not specific, for example in their conversation they will say, “They are always like…” or “Everyone thinks…” big generalities are used to give out bad news.
  2. Any conversation with them is mainly hearing about something critical or bad news, giving out the worst details of something is their mode of operation. Invalidation is their favorite pastime. Good luck trying to get a nice word or complement from them.
  3. They make any relayed message worse. If someone gives them any good news that is not passed on, but bad news or made up bad news is forwarded to people.
  4. The antisocial person does not change! They do not get better. Antisocial can pretend to act better and when you are not looking they will continue their antisocial behavior. These are the people that do not change! No amount of therapy or rehabilitation will reform them.
  5. Friends and family of the antisocial are beaten down, failing, not succeeding in life. The people surrounding an antisocial are going up and down in life, they are constantly gaining then loosing what they gain.
  6. A cause of something can be located, but they will continually select the wrong source or target. If the cat broke the vase they will target the dog instead.

There are 6 more traits an antisocial person could have, get them here, Learn all 12 traits and be able to see who is out to do you in and who is not.

Fear is the Reason

The Suppressive person acts like he does because he is terrified of others. He or she is trying to fight people off. If you will look closely at their actions the reason they don’t like people is because they are afraid of them and just want to be left alone. They are fighting demons and danger long gone, but they still imagine that it is there in present time with them. That is why they are psychotic, they do not see things like the rest of the social people. But they hide their insanity well, because they can never be wrong or made wrong. They have no room for introspection or reflection of themselves or their behavior. It is all just calculated, cleaver, hidden ways to bring people down.

Antisocial People Never Change!

Antisocial people never change!  white Good guy vs. black bad guy cartoon
Good Social guys change. Bad Antisocial people never change.

One thing people need to know is the Antisocial is born like that, they don’t learn the behavior or get it from genetics. They do not get it from their parents, family or environment. They just come like that, they are born with that kind of mentality and behavior. There is no changing them. They will not respond to treatment or reform. The Antisocial may pretend to change, but will go right back to doing what they always do when you are not paying attention. Social people look at these Anti social people and say all the time, “oh they are changing, they are acting better.” No, no matter what the Antisocial person does or says they will go back to their same behavior of tearing the world down. They will act a little better, behave nice only to fool you into trusting them again. Then when you give them another chance, wham! They will do some other maneuver to make you fail again.

You should learn and understand people to be able to tell the difference in who is social and who is not,

The Big Picture

For the most part the Antisocial creates chaos. Everything around them is going in all directions, things break or people have accidents. Re-stimulation of awful incidents or subjects is also a method they use to make you upset, feel bad and do bad. They are all about making invalidating little comments in their conversation. In addition, they hate the subject of help and helping. Pushing you into dangerous areas or situations is another tactic they use to get you into trouble. Furthermore, they are constantly committing little crimes that violate social morals.

Office room chaos is caused by an Antisocial.  Cartoon of chaos in office.
Learn to spot who is creating all the chaos

Why would you waste you time and energy trying to rationalize with a person that is not really there? You can not reason with the Supressive person. Just because a person can walk around and talk and look like a human does not mean they are sane and are like the rest of the social people on this planet. Antisocial people are psychotic, insane, they are stuck in the past. Antisocial people do a good job of fooling you to make you think they are functioning normally. They are fighting imaginary demons in the present. They are stuck someplace in the past. Everyone around them is just someone to fight and try and destroy. So why would you waste your energy trying to rationalize with them? Just walk away from them. Concentrate on doing better than them. Use your energy not to fight them, but to do better than them.

Some Never See it

vector image of guy holding up the word "good' on one side of him and the word "bad" on the other side of him.
Can you confront evil and see who is Suppressive?

It takes actual confront, guts, courage, mental horse power and stamina to actually spot a Suppressive person. Some people will never be able to recognize them because they can not face evil. They do not really want to face or look at the truth or the bad things they do. They would rather avoid it and look away and not see the destruction they create.

You should learn and understand the different types of people to protect yourself. You have to be able to judge correctly and not think everyone is antisocial. Keep in mind only 20% of people are Suppressive. It is really black and white, easy to tell who is social and who is not once you learn the technology about people. Learn to tell who is social and who is not, here,

In Conclusion

The best thing that can be done is ignore the Antisocial, avoid them and continue to flourish and prosper. Leave them alone, go in the other direction. If you have to interact with them then use a way of speaking with them that is called “Good Roads, Good Weather.” That means speak to them about mild subjects that everyone can agree upon, subjects like good roads and good weather. Learn more about it click here. Again I warn and advise you to not try and change these people. If you want to waste your time, energy and possibly get yourself into trouble go ahead and try, but you will never succeed. Do better than them and they will shrink, crawl away and disappear from your life. Succeed and out shine them, no war is needed, that is the only way.

Do you have Suppressive person horror stories? What is your experience with Antisocial people? What are you going to do about the Antisocial now that you know this information?

Do better than the Antisocial and win!  Person walking away saying, don't fight let Karma do the rest.

Karma in simple words “is getting what you give.” (Protect yourself from bad stuff by not going by words you do not understand.)

Watch and Learn. Antisocial people explained!