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Are you Antisocial? Cartoon Villain

Are You Antisocial? 6 Traits and More…

Are You Antisocial?

Are you Antisocial?  Good guy, bad guy cartoon image.
Spot bad guys from the good guys with this technology

If you think you are antisocial then you most certainly are not! Only people that can never admit they are antisocial are antisocial. They don’t wear black hats any more. Are you Antisocial? Wish it was more easy to spot the bad guys? Well, help is here! There are 12 very exact traits you can learn to spot who they are, http://bit.ly/WhoAreTheBadGuys. But to be fair you have to compare the bad guy or anti-social guy with the social guy.

Is Life a Roller Coaster?

Antisocial creates ups and downs for people.  Roller-coaster cartoon picture.
Life is a roller-coaster when connected to an Antisocial

Is your life going up and down like a roller coaster? One day you are doing good and then you loose all you gain. It is like you take 5 steps forward, but fall back 3. For example, one day you get a raise, but the next day your place gets robbed. In that case, you are most likely associated with an Antisocial or Suppressive person. If you are having ups and downs in life you need to learn this technology, click the link, http://bit.ly/UpsAndDownsInLife. You need to be able to live your life as a steady gain, rising smoothly. Instead of one minute doing good and the next minute in the gutter.

One Bad Apple Spoils the Group

1 bad apple spoils the group. Image of 6 green apples, 1 labeled bad.

You have heard it only takes “one bad apple to spoil the group.” This is really true. The amount of antisocial people are only 20% and social people are 80%. That is one in 5 people are antisocial. You probably have one in your family, if your family 5 or more. To protect yourself and others learn how to identify the antisocial person, click here, http://bit.ly/CauseOfSuppression.

Traits of the Antisocial

These are in my words, how to spot an Antisocial or Suppressive person. Call them by either name, they are the same thing. Here is the exact reference and full description of the 12 characteristics of an antisocial person: http://bit.ly/CauseOfSuppression. They do not need all 12 traits, just a majority of traits to be considered antisocial.

  1. In the Suppressive persons words and speech you will hear in continuous use generalities. They generalize a lot, they are not specific, for example in their conversation they will say, “They are always like…” or “Everyone thinks…” big generalities are used to give out bad news.
  2. Any conversation with them is mainly hearing about something critical or bad news, giving out the worst details of something is their mode of operation. Invalidation is their favorite pastime. Good luck trying to get a nice word or complement from them.
  3. They make any relayed message worse. If someone gives them any good news that is not passed on, but bad news or made up bad news is forwarded to people.
  4. The antisocial person does not change! They do not get better. Antisocial can pretend to act better and when you are not looking they will continue their antisocial behavior. These are the people that do not change! No amount of therapy or rehabilitation will reform them.
  5. Friends and family of the antisocial are beaten down, failing, not succeeding in life. The people surrounding an antisocial are going up and down in life, they are constantly gaining then loosing what they gain.
  6. A cause of something can be located, but they will continually select the wrong source or target. If the cat broke the vase they will target the dog instead.

There are 6 more traits an antisocial person could have, get them here, http://bit.ly/CauseOfSuppression. Learn all 12 traits and be able to see who is out to do you in and who is not.

Fear is the Reason

The Suppressive person acts like he does because he is terrified of others. He or she is trying to fight people off. If you will look closely at their actions the reason they don’t like people is because they are afraid of them and just want to be left alone. They are fighting demons and danger long gone, but they still imagine that it is there in present time with them. That is why they are psychotic, they do not see things like the rest of the social people. But they hide their insanity well, because they can never be wrong or made wrong. They have no room for introspection or reflection of themselves or their behavior. It is all just calculated, cleaver, hidden ways to bring people down.

Antisocial People Never Change!

Antisocial people never change!  white Good guy vs. black bad guy cartoon
Good Social guys change. Bad Antisocial people never change.

One thing people need to know is the Antisocial is born like that, they don’t learn the behavior or get it from genetics. They do not get it from their parents, family or environment. They just come like that, they are born with that kind of mentality and behavior. There is no changing them. They will not respond to treatment or reform. The Antisocial may pretend to change, but will go right back to doing what they always do when you are not paying attention. Social people look at these Anti social people and say all the time, “oh they are changing, they are acting better.” No, no matter what the Antisocial person does or says they will go back to their same behavior of tearing the world down. They will act a little better, behave nice only to fool you into trusting them again. Then when you give them another chance, wham! They will do some other maneuver to make you fail again.

You should learn and understand people to be able to tell the difference in who is social and who is not, https://knowthetruthaboutyou.com/who-to-trust-read-for-success.

The Big Picture

For the most part the Antisocial creates chaos. Everything around them is going in all directions, things break or people have accidents. Re-stimulation of awful incidents or subjects is also a method they use to make you upset, feel bad and do bad. They are all about making invalidating little comments in their conversation. In addition, they hate the subject of help and helping. Pushing you into dangerous areas or situations is another tactic they use to get you into trouble. Furthermore, they are constantly committing little crimes that violate social morals.

Office room chaos is caused by an Antisocial.  Cartoon of chaos in office.
Learn to spot who is creating all the chaos

Why would you waste you time and energy trying to rationalize with a person that is not really there? You can not reason with the Supressive person. Just because a person can walk around and talk and look like a human does not mean they are sane and are like the rest of the social people on this planet. Antisocial people are psychotic, insane, they are stuck in the past. Antisocial people do a good job of fooling you to make you think they are functioning normally. They are fighting imaginary demons in the present. They are stuck someplace in the past. Everyone around them is just someone to fight and try and destroy. So why would you waste your energy trying to rationalize with them? Just walk away from them. Concentrate on doing better than them. Use your energy not to fight them, but to do better than them.


Some Never See it

vector image of guy holding up the word "good' on one side of him and the word "bad" on the other side of him.
Can you confront evil and see who is Suppressive?

It takes actual confront, guts, courage, mental horse power and stamina to actually spot a Suppressive person. Some people will never be able to recognize them because they can not face evil. They do not really want to face or look at the truth or the bad things they do. They would rather avoid it and look away and not see the destruction they create.

You should learn and understand the different types of people to protect yourself. You have to be able to judge correctly and not think everyone is antisocial. Keep in mind only 20% of people are Suppressive. It is really black and white, easy to tell who is social and who is not once you learn the technology about people. Learn to tell who is social and who is not, here, https://knowthetruthaboutyou.com/who-to-trust-read-for-success.

In Conclusion

The best thing that can be done is ignore the Antisocial, avoid them and continue to flourish and prosper. Leave them alone, go in the other direction. If you have to interact with them then use a way of speaking with them that is called “Good Roads, Good Weather.” That means speak to them about mild subjects that everyone can agree upon, subjects like good roads and good weather. Learn more about it click here. Again I warn and advise you to not try and change these people. If you want to waste your time, energy and possibly get yourself into trouble go ahead and try, but you will never succeed. Do better than them and they will shrink, crawl away and disappear from your life. Succeed and out shine them, no war is needed, that is the only way.

Do you have Suppressive person horror stories? What is your experience with Antisocial people? What are you going to do about the Antisocial now that you know this information?

Do better than the Antisocial and win!  Person walking away saying, don't fight let Karma do the rest.

Karma in simple words “is getting what you give.” (Protect yourself from bad stuff by not going by words you do not understand.)

Watch and Learn. Antisocial people explained!